I loved colour ever since I struggled to get brightness from my Windsor and Newton paint box, with a straggly tiny brush, age about 9.

I have totally loved making these paintings.

Painting is a true adventure. There is purpose, risk, (although not life threatening), freedom, challenge, some planning and often joy.

I love colour and seem to see it everywhere. I paint outdoors.

I have a number of sites that I return to often, as does David Hockney, a hero of mine.

At French Pass I see beauty, big spaces, wide sky’s and I remember the excitement of sailing through the Pass.

At the top of Port Underwood hill I see an inviting harbour, scoured hill sides, a happy/ sad , beautiful /ugly place.

On the north side of Port underwood the words Primary Industry, Forest Block, came to mind and coloured the paintings. The bush has gone, the remnants of forestry not too pretty.

Don and I drove very long ways in Australia. The happy days were those when I could paint. It was a harsh, alien landscape, of huge spaces and wonderful colour.