As an Object Maker

I grew up in England, right after the war, believing that things can be fixed, by my mum with sewing,
my dad in the shed. I subsequently learned that matters of the heart can be fixed by sharing, through
talking and making art.
During the 1980’s and 90’s I exhibited through out NZ, in major public galleries, initially with a group
exhibition “Stuff Stuff Show, and then my own show, “Stuffing On”. This success gave me the
confidence to find my own way in the world of creativity and art. Making the art was cathartic for me,
and I received the warmest, enthusiastic, (but also negative and angry) response.
The techniques and skills that I use are those employed by me to initially make clothes and household
articles, essential as a typical home maker during the late 1960’s to 2000. They have subsequently
enabled me to tell the stories of my, and therefore others, lives and concerns. I grew in my
consciousness of personal awareness, feminist issues and global issues.
Some techniques used: knitting, felting, stitching, machining,dyeing
Some materials used gauze, gingham calico, fleece, recycled or new, wire, archival glues, plaster.
When you explore the web site you will find works which talk of less than ideal families, concerns for
the planet, a visceral response to disaster , fear of aging and the desire to belong.